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Novigrad – a calm town in the west of Istria ideal for families


One of the most beautiful European countries, situated in the southeast of the Old Continent, on the Adriatic coast, Croatia is a favorite destination for guests who want to afford themselves the holidays they deserve just a car ride away. 


What to see and experience in Croatia?

  • lots of sunshine, great beaches, and clear sea
  • fantastic nature
  • rich historical and cultural heritage
  • plenty of content for active guests
  • first-class food
  • excellent transport infrastructure


The Croatian coast is one of the most indented in Europe. Out of the 8 national parks in the country, 5 are located on the coast, while the remaining 3 are in its immediate vicinity and easily accessible by highway. Rare are countries with such diverse landscapes as Croatia; in a few hours, you can drive across the gentle plains, through the mountainous regions, to the Mediterranean coast.

Croatian cities are full of historical sites, and smaller towns are adorned with the classic Mediterranean spirit.

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Istria is the nearest Croatian tourist destination from guests coming from western and central Europe. The largest Croatian peninsula is its westernmost part as well. Extremely rich in culture and historical sites, it is also known for its top gastronomy. Istrian truffles, homemade “fuži” pasta, wild asparagus, local olive oil, and wine are just some of the wonders you can taste here.


What to see in Istria?

  • Arena – Roman Coliseum in Pula
  • Euphrasian Basilica – 15th-century Byzantine church in Poreč
  • Brijuni National Park
  • Hum – “the smallest city in the world”
  • Motovun – a legendary place in the interior of the peninsula

Istria is also known as an exceptional destination for active tourists. Due to its natural features and tidy infrastructure, it is the most attractive for cycling enthusiasts, but the fans of diving, climbing, trawling, trekking and other sports will enjoy it as well.

The coast of Istria is 539 kilometers long and home to many charming places.



Novigrad is located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, about twenty kilometers from the Croatian-Slovenian border. It is about 1.5 hours’ drive from the farthest point of Istria and about 1 hour from Pula.

The inhabitants of this 14 centuries old Mediterranean town lived off the sea and fishing for generations, while today most of the efforts are directed towards meeting the needs of their guests. In Novigrad, the locals will surely show you the spirit of famous Istrian hospitality.


Top 5 attractions in Novigrad:

  • the Lapidarium Museum
  • the detached bell tower of the church of St. Maximus and Pelagius
  • city walls
  • Aquapark Istralandia
  • the Gallerion Maritime Museum


As a reminder of turbulent history, Novigrad is surrounded by walls beneath which you can go for a swim, and it is a special experience to see them from the sea. Families with children will spend an unforgettable fun time at Istralandia Aquapark.

The long gastronomic tradition means that you will enjoy exquisitely prepared local delicacies in excellent restaurants. A good meal in Novigrad is impossible to imagine without olive oil and a glass of local wine.


Why Novigrad?

  • family vacation
  • 4.6 kilometers of beaches
  • great location for exploring Istria
  • facilities for active tourists
  • great food and wines


If you want to spend this summer in a charming Mediterranean town with a rich history, exceptional natural surroundings, beautiful beaches and a wide range of activities, Novigrad is a great choice.