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Excursions & Experiences in Novigrad

One of the services we offer at Blueview Residence is to arrange transportation to any destination you want, from the nearby beach, through excursions across Istria, all the way to visit the nearby Slovenia and Italy.

Meet the 6 best beaches in Novigrad:

  • Karpinjan
  • Rivarela
  • Pineta
  • City Beach
  • Sirena
  • Maestral


We offer excursions

If you want to explore the wider surroundings of Novigrad on your vacation, we are at your disposal. We will be very happy to offer you a shuttle service to your destination, as well as a return to your and our little oasis of peace Blueview Residence. The famous Roman amphitheater in Pula, Brijuni National Park or the smallest town in the world – Hum, are waiting for you.

Novigrad is situated in an excellent location, Slovenia and Italy are very close – this location is perfect for exploration.

9 excursion suggestions:

  • Aquapark Istralandia – top family fun
  • Pula – the largest city in Istria with the famous Roman Arena
  • Brijuni Islands and National Park
  • Poreč – an old Istrian town with the Euphrasian Basilica from the 6th c.
  • Rovinj – the most romantic Istrian town
  • Motovun – the most beautiful place in the interior of Istria
  • Hum – “The smallest city in the world”
  • Baredine Cave – a monument of nature
  • Trieste – a historic Italian city


Nature trips with Quad adventure

You are adventurous and like to fill your vacation with new and exciting experiences? Are you a nature lover? If your answer is yes, than join us in discovering the trails of northern Istria. Quad tours are held daily from spring to late fall, from 1 to 4 hours. During these few hours, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Novigrad and northern Istria.

In adrenaline rides, you can enjoy the beautiful colors of the landscape, which change depending on the season as well as the beautiful sunset. You will also find animals on the trails that you may not see every day, such as turtles, horses and donkeys resting after a busy day watching you eat blackberries near them. It may be that at some point you may be surrounded by local sheep that have come your way, because you are still in their field and waiting as they pass. Driving through typical Istrian vineyards and endless olive fields you will experience the full beauty of our peninsula.

If you’re lucky, and the day before your scheduled ride it rains, the resulting mud provides some new experience. Except for dirty clothes and shoes, of course. You can enjoy breathtaking views, especially the view of the Mirna River valley where you can see from the high a bridge that somehow merged with its surroundings.

The advantage of adrenaline rides lies in the clean air, the scents of the forest and nature.

Quad rides are a great therapy for anyone to enjoy with their family, friends or on their own when you want to get away from everyday life. They provide a sufficient dose of adrenaline, pleasure and fun.

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